The Art of Growing Food

Treat yourself and your family to a beautiful kitchen garden, designed by you!

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The class includes six detailed lessons with instructional videos, pdf with color photos, weekly live chats with other gardeners, templates, and resources to give you everything you need.

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Learn the six steps to successful kitchen garden design, and get ready to eat healthy, organic homegrown food.

In this class, you will learn how to design a plan on paper first. Then transfer from paper to soil.

Growing a food garden is more than planting seeds and watering. It can involve planning, seed selection, and structure in a solid design to give your garden individual style and increase productivity.


In this class, you will learn how to site your garden in the landscape, how to design for optimal productivity and minimal maintenance, plus what to grow for the best-tasting vegetables and fragrant flowers.

I’ll show you my six steps to kitchen garden design that I have learned from over 20 years as a kitchen garden designer, cook, and gardener.

Get ready to turn work into play! Design an edible garden as a sanctuary for outdoor living.

Why a Kitchen Garden?

I've been growing a food garden for over 20 years because I love to eat and cook fresh from the garden. But I'll tell you the truth. My first garden was a total disaster, because I didn't know how to plant seeds, and the garden hose was too far to reach. It felt like a lot of hard work.

Then I learned that if I planned a garden design on paper first, I could design it to be both beautiful and productive. A kitchen garden is a place that goes beyond simply growing food, to be a source of nourishment on all levels.

That's why I teach this class. I want to share what I have learned about designing a beautiful kitchen garden that turns work into play. I make it easy for you to enjoy your garden, and grow the food you love to eat.

Design on Paper
Design on Paper

Start with a vision for your kitchen garden on paper first.

This class starts with an overview of all the elements that will make your garden sing with good design. You'll learn classic elements that offer style and add beauty.

Paths and Garden Beds

Match your paths and garden beds to fit the landscape.

We'll look at examples of paths and garden beds to give you plenty of options for what to choose for your own design.

Add Comfort and Style

Places to sit and arbors for shade are all part of the design process.

Learn how to create places to enjoy your garden, perhaps an arbor and a bench for eating alfresco, or art and whimsy to show off your personality.

Gates and Arbors

Create a grand entrance into the garden as a portal.

Vertical elements create a visual accent to the kitchen garden and are a great place to grow vining plants.

Garden Tools

Learn how to start with the right tools to make your job easy.

Garden tools, a garden shed, and how to build and nourish your soil are all included in this class. You will see how everything fits together as a whole to make your healthy garden harvest more delicious.

Start Growing Food

Start now and be ready to sow seeds by spring.

Start small and grow big. I'll advise you on the best-tasting vegetables to grow that are easy to start from seeds.

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About Your Instructor

Ellen Ecker Ogden is the author of five books on food and gardens. Her most recent book The New Heirloom Garden won the silver medal award from Garden Comm. It features 12 designs with recipes for cooks who love to garden.

Her previous books include The Complete Kitchen Garden, The Vermont Country Store Cookbook and From the Cooks Garden. Her articles and kitchen garden designs have appeared in many national publications including Martha Stewart Living, Horticulture, Garden Design, Better Homes and Gardens, and Country Gardens, among others.

More info can be found at

Art of Growing Food with Ellen Ecker Ogden

Here's a short video to share a view of my kitchen garden and why I teach this class.